This page contains links to art that I appreciate (drawings, paintings, sculptures or just 'Good Stuff' :) ). If you feel your link belongs here and you are willing to include a link to my site (you can use this banner here, just right-click it and save it to your own images directory), feel free to email me your URL and your banner (preferrably 468x60). If the feeling is mutual your link will be included on this page. Abstract pen drawings at * *
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Clifford J. Ash
Clifford J. Ash "Drawing is the only thing that I can say is truly mine. It never needlessly irritates me or takes me for granted, so I spoil it as much as I possibly can. I continue to learn about art and I also recognize my limits, but that's okay because I can only get better."
Donovan Ball
Donovan Ball "There's nothing better than turning a white piece of paper or canvas into something beautiful for people to enjoy...It's a blessing to be a creator of art."
John Baselmans
Netherlands/ Netherlands Antilles
John Baselmans "An artist sees not only with his eyes but also with his heart and soul."
Denise Carey
Denise Carey Denise Carey Fine Art - Original Colored Pencil Drawing Collages.
Cathy Connolley
Cathy Connolley "I love all animals and birds particularly rooks, domestic farm animals and swans. Many of these creatures find their way into my art along with my four cats. Myths and legends are another rich source of inspiration for my work.
Emkarts Drawings made with soft and hard crayons (grey sketches) and with pen in one instant (blue & black sketches), followed with a layer of colour pastel.
Maria Milosheva
Maria Milosheva "I started drawing in 1991 urged by strong inner need to recreate the reality beyond the usual - the world of forms and details..."
Craig Robertson
Craig Robertson Craig is a visual artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. People and relationships are his favorite subject matter. His work encompasses the psychological relationships of coexistence, between differing people, people and objects, objects and other objects.
Sukant Saran
Sukant Saran "my work depicts spiritual imagery. These non-verbal, mental images are formed in response to a variety of life experiences. Existing in imagination, they are a source of inspiration and visual delight."