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Hi, I'm Marcel Brekelmans. I live in Amsterdam and work as a software developer for Holland Casino, the only legitimate casino in the Netherlands.

This picture of me was taken at my first solo exhibition, in Berlin. You can see more about it if you click the 'Shows' button.

My biggest dream is to move over to the 'New World', live on the West coast of the U.S.A. or Canada. I made two campertrips around there and the scenery is just amazing. The picture below shows my R.V. at a campground near Big Sur, CA. You can enlarge it by just clicking on it.

About my drawings: it's something I have been doing since childhood. After a period of marriage, children and divorce (in which I neglected my pens-and-paper) I picked it up again.

Hope you like it...
Some words about my inspiration and the way I work:

I'm quite taken by organic shapes: cell structures, woodnerves, leaves, branches. It's simply the environment that supplies me with the basic forms. When I start out with a brandnew, white sheet of paper, the patterns seem to emerge from the paper by themselves and all I do is try to capture them in rough lines with a pencil. Then I begin filling in these shapes with pen, step-by-step, letting each step dictate the next.
Big Sur
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